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Bakelite English Horn Semi-auto Silver plated keys Musical instruments online sale

Silver plated keys
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Bakelite English Horn Semi-auto Silver plated keys Musical instruments online sale

Silver plated keys
Bakelite Body

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OEM,Dropshipping,Wholesale are all workable.Some customized design is also accepted.

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Professional groups

Sales department-We have professional groups to serve each customers,no matter if you are from big companies or musical instruments players.
Customer service department-If you are not satisfied,you can get in touch with our Customer service department to complain our sales and choose other sales to cooperate.
Quality Control-We have four testing processes for woodwind musical instruments.Two testing processes for brasswind musical instruments,percussion instruments and other related goods.



If you are worried about that you can't get in touch with us when you find any problems of musical instruments,like damages in shipping,quality problems when received,our sales and customers service staff can help you at any time.
We will be responsible for any problems of our musical instruments.Hope we can cooperate with you!

Aliexpress business

We have online shop on aliexpress website.If you want a third party to protect your rights.You can start business via aliexpress shop.Aliexpress is the third party to control sellers and make sure that buyers can receive musical instruments in good quality.

grace mclean
Apr 01, 2019
the suerte english horn helped me on oboe goals and plays in good tone and sound quality when i play it a lot. i got bocals and swab for it clean and maintain it well. my english horn is doing awesome with a tuner/ metronome and it is good quality english horn i always love my english horn in bakelite/ semi automatic to play songs and excerpts with the instrument. it is going well for my english horn after i put a humidifier in the lower joint to get lower tone out of my instrument. i love my suerte english horn in bakelite/semi automatic its a very beautiful and very good sounding instrument.